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Group exercise

If you are looking to train with a friend, family member or loved one then group exercise is for you! As a Personal Trainer and Instructor over the years I have taught 1000s of people and find it a pleasure to instruct multiple people at once. When training with others you have the help and support of those taking part, not only during the session but at home as well. So if you are looking to make a change and have a friend, family member or loved one who share the same goals then why not start together.


60 minutes

1 session £45.00

2 - 6 sessions £42.50 per session

7 - 12 sessions £40.00 per session

Max 3 people per group so grab your friends, family members or loved ones and train together sharing the cost and supporting each other along the way. 

For groups of 3 or more simply get in contact and let me know the size of the group and I will be in contact with a price and availability together with a location where it can take place.

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